Security systems reduce crime in commercial settings.

At Crimpco, commercial security is not a financial term…it means ensuring that your business is protected at all times…literally.

You have worked hard to build your business. It is our job to ensure that investment is secure at all times. Let us customize a monitoring system so you can have the peace of mind 24/7 with a state-of-the-art video and surveillance to protect your business even when you aren’t there.

Crimpco utilizes the latest advances in Smart Business Technology to help you keep apprised of activity at your business site including professional grade monitoring to protect your property.

ACCESS CONTROL: Against Unauthorized Access…

Access control systems provide secure entry to any location. Entry can be provided via numeric keypad, card swipe or newer bio-metric devices.

For commercial use, access control systems can regulate access to valuable inventory and corporate records with electronic locking systems that are released by magnetic cards or special code numbers.

Crimpco’s access control systems allow you to keep areas secured in a more efficient manner with an audit trail to tell who is coming and going.

Commercial loss due to employee theft is a staggering 40-60% in our country. Contact us to secure your company today.


These systems are designed to display and record activity. Security cameras display on your television and can be set to record while you’re away, using traditional analog equipment or the newer digital systems. Video systems can reduce theft and vandalism from both inside and outside sources. Closed Circuit Television monitoring provides constant surveillance to monitor assets in any application.

Take advantage of continuous recording on traditional magnetic tape, CD or DVD-ROM recording devices, live transmission over secure networks, or Internet delivery.

Let Crimpco design a system to meet your specific surveillance needs. Our technicians will install a system that uses the finest technology available.